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Useful Web Resources

25 January 2012 Published in News & Blog

Here are a few links to websites we find useful and wish to share with you:

Photography hobby

18 January 2012 Published in News & Blog

We do like cameras, well, being behind them, not in front.  LOVE taking photos of landscapes, pretty scenery, macro photography, wildlife and animals. This is a hobby, we are not professional photographers and do not offer it as a service. We leave that to the experts and will gladly advise you whom to use to showcase your business.

Bonsai hobby

17 January 2012 Published in News & Blog

Every now and then we have to be human, get away from the computer and refuel our creativity.

So I thought I would share some hobbies with you.

What does RGB and CMYK refer to?

16 January 2012 Published in News & Blog

Have you heard of RGB and/or CMYK mentioned and not sure what it means?

We'll give you a 101 -

Let's start with RGB.

RGB refers to the colour you see on screens: TV's, computer monitors, cinemas etc. The images you see are made up of light:

What is "High Resolution"?

13 January 2012 Published in News & Blog

Do you get asked by companies or graphic designers to send or resend either your logo / photos / artwork in 'High Resolution' and have no clue what they mean?

Let's clear this up for you.

Resolution refers to the quality of a picture file (be it a logo, a photo, or any artwork).

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