About HeadZone

HeadZone Graphic Design based in Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa.

Graphic design involves designing brochures, posters, books, websites, corporate communications, logos or any form of artwork or layout/DTP for companies or individuals.

The HeadZone core member is a talented person taking Open Source concepts to the forefront of industry standards. Joomla! is a major system that was quickly conquered in order to be able to offer clients the ability to update their own websites. This Content Management System based site builder has been hailed by companies world wide.

Who is HeadZone Graphic Design?

This graphic design agency was founded by Charlene in April 2000. She has vast experience in DTP, video animation, special effects, presentations, website design and development, coupled with built in SEO (Search engine optimization) and has been a graphic designer since 1996...


5000 Full Colour DL size flyers (Size 210mm x 99mm).

Design and Printing.

R2750.00 (Prices quoted in ZAR)

Paper: 200gsm gloss Art
Quantity: 5000
Subject to multi client print run


22 Feb, 12

Some of the brands we've worked with






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